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Dyes & Dye-based biosensors

Cdc42 activation in RhoA-inhibed cell; meroCBD biosensorCdc42 activation in RhoA-inhibited cell; meroCBD biosensor
by Perihan Nalbant and Louis Hodgson
(Science, 305:1615-1619, 2004.)
Dye on ERK2Merocyanine dye on phospho-ERK2
by Alexei Toutchkine and Brenda Temple


Cytotoxic lymphocyte killing a virall yinfected fibroblastCytotoxic lymphocyte killing a virally infected fibroblast (oldie but goodie)
by Klaus Hahn, Robin DeBiasio, Greg LaRocca, D. Lansing Taylor, and Michael Oldstone
(Virology, 201(2):330-340, 1994.)
Retroactive transport movieRetrograde Transport
by Noah Sciaky

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