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The Hahn lab at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has openings for postdocs and staff members to develop novel molecular imaging tools, and to study the spatio-temporal dynamics of signaling and ‘dynamic organelles’.  Specifically, positions to:

  • Explore new methods for visualizing the conformation of individual molecules in living cells (Cell, 184(22): 5670-5685, 2021. PMC8556369), with a focus on adhesion complexes and podosomes in immune cells, and in cancer cells responding to the tumor microenvironment.   Experience in single molecule physics or imaging will be a plus. This project could include development or use of novel microscopes that combine super-resolution and atomic force imaging for mechanotranduction research, together with the Richard Superfine lab at UNC.
  • Develop broadly applicable methods to dissect signaling circuits controlled by spatio-temporal dynamics. These will be based largely on protein engineering and will include methods to visualize and control signaling in cells (Nature Chem. Biol., 16(8): 826, 2020. PMC7388658; Science. 354(6318): 1441, 2016. PMC5362825). We will study morphodynamics as a model system  illuminating complex, nonlinear regulatory circuits, made possible by combining novel molecular imaging with computational approaches developed by our longstanding collaborator Gaudenz Danuser.
  • Harness organic  synthesis and/or physical organic chemistry to develop novel biosensors based on small molecules or protein conjugates. This will include extension of our existing environment-sensing dyes and protein-dye conjugates. This project provides a good platform for chemists to learn protein engineering/microscopy, combining these with novel molecules to explore cell biology.
  • We seek staff members to develop and/or maintain new microscopes that work in conjunction with the molecules described above, and to apply molecular imaging tools. Expertise in microscope design, automation, lasers, or coding/image analysis would all be helpful. Experience with single molecule imaging, biosensors/chemogenetics/optogenetics would be valuable. Positions at the BS or PhD level are available.
  • We are seeking technicians well versed in molecular biology, protein production and protein biochemistry.

Please send a CV and cover letter outlining your research interests and goals to khahn@med.unc.edu.

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