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Dr. Hahn welcomes applications from creative scientists in any area relevant to our work. Some project possibilities and areas of interest are listed below. To apply, please send a CV and letter describing your research goals to Dr. Hahn at khahn[at]med.unc.edu.

  • Mechanisms of phagocytosis
  • Use of phagocytosis as a model system to probe spatio-temporal control in signaling, including HC screening studies and multiplexed imaging/optogenetics to build computational models
  • Single particle tracking of protein conformational changes in living cells – develop novel biosensor and single particle tracking approaches
  • Synapse signaling dynamics and control of neurotransmitter release
  • Mechanisms of platelet production; Optogenetic control of megakaryocyte signaling to increase platelet production (with Bergmeier/UNC)
  • New biosensors/microscope approaches to study low abundance signaling proteins in live cells, animals, and multicellular model systems.
  • Understanding the mechanisms of protein allostery; harnessing this to engineer protein analogs controlled by light or small molecules
  • High throughput screening approaches to redily build biosensors and optogenetically controlled proteins
  • Dyes that report signaling dynamics using super-resolution and single particle tracking microscopy in living cells.
  • Engineering signaling circuits to alter the function of phagocytic cells
  • The role of mechanical force in phagocytosis  and mechanotransduction in phagocytosis (with Superfine/UNC and Danuser/UTSW)
  • Engineering novel microscopes suitable for 3D biosensor imaging and optogenetics (with Superfine/UNC, Chew/Janelia Farm and Danuser/UTSW)
  • Novel methods of image analysis to monitor signaling activity and study information flow in live cells, multicellular model systems and animals. (with Danuser/UTSW, Elston/UNC and Keely, U. Wisconsin)
  • Molecular dynamics modeling to produce protein analogs controlled by light and small molecules (with Kuhlman/UNC and Dokholyan/UNC)

Microscope/Imaging Scientist. We are seeking a person to focus on imaging, and to help us develop and maintain novel microscopes. This person will assist in the design of new microscopes and carry out imaging studies on live cells using biosensors and optogenetics. A candidate with relevant experience could also participate in software development for microscope automation and image analysis.  We currently have the following scopes, with major components assembled in house: single particle tracking, spinning disk confocal, lifetime imaging, 2 photon imaging, spinTIRF, multiplexed biosensors/optogenetics, high content screening, and LLSM under construction. Experience in any of the following areas would be valuable: cell biology, engineering, optics, microscope automation, lasers, programming, and imaging of live cells or animals. Salary is dependent on experience and background. This position is centered in the Hahn lab, but will involve interaction with other groups focused on microscope development, especially the labs of Richard Superfine at UNC, and the Advanced Imaging Center at Janelia Farm. Please write to Klaus Hahn at khahn[at]med.unc.edu.

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