hahn lab

positions available

Applications from creative scientists are always welcome. Please send a CV and letter describing your plans and goals to khahn[at]med.unc.edu. We are especially interested in the following areas right now:

  • cell biology: spatiotemporal dynamics of GTPase circuits, durotaxis in the tumor microenvironment (adhesion signaling), podosome structure and signaling, membrane organization, and cross-cell coordination based on response to mechanical forces
  • protein engineering, to control and visualize protein activity in vivo
  • chemistry: synthetic, physical chemistry of fluorophores, protein control
  • microscopy with novel molecules: super-resolution, single particle tracking of protein conformation in vivo, rapid membrane dynamics
  • collaboration with image analysis/modeling labs: GTPase signaling dynamics and feedback, podosome coordination and biology, and adhesion signaling (Danuser lab at UTSW, Elston lab at UNC )


~ Updated 04/14/2021

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