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Schematic representation of the approach used to regulate the catalytic activity of kinases. A fragment of FKBP is inserted at a position in the catalytic domain where it allosterically inhibits catalytic activity. Binding to rapamycin and FRB restores activity.

UniRapR (blue, subdomain-A; green, subdomain-B) protein was built by fusing FKBP and FRB. Using uniRapR there is no need to express two constructs. The fused FRB and FKBP, when inserted in the target protein, respond to rapamycin and activate it. This approach has been extended to apply to molecules other than kinases. See the "loopology" approach page.

Unlike with normal kinases that interact with multiple substrates, with RapR-TAP a specific kinase is activated to interact with only one specific target (right). Activation occurs when addition of rapamycin leads to interaction of two engineered domains (yellow), on the kinase and on the target.



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