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methods articles: optogenetics / chemogenetics

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Teets, F.D., Watanabe, .T, Hahn, K.M., and Kuhlman, B. A Computational Protocol for Regulating Protein Binding Reactions with a Light-Sensitive Protein Dimer. J. Mol. Biol., 432(4): 805-814, 2020. PMC7054171. online article | Free PMC article

Dagliyan, O., Dokholyan, N.V., and Hahn, K.M. Engineering proteins for allosteric control by light or ligands. Nature Protocols, 14(6): 1863-1883, 2019. PMC6648709. Online article | Free PMC article

Yumerefendi, H., Wang, H., Dickinson, D.J., Lerner, A., Malkus, P., Goldstein, B., Hahn, K., and Kuhlman, B. Light-dependent cytoplasmic recruitment enhances the dynamic range of a nuclear import photoswitch. Chembiochem., 9(12):1319-1325, 2018. PMC6013380. Online article | Free PMC article

Wang, H. and Hahn, K.M. LOVTRAP: a versatile method to control protein function with light. Curr. Protoc. Cell Biol., 73: 21.10.1 - 21.10.14, 2016. PMC5137945. Online article | Free PMC arqticle

Karginov, A.V., Hahn, K.M. and Deiters, A. Optochemical activation of kinase function in live cells. Methods Mol. Biol.: Photoswitching Proteins, 1148: 31-43, 2014. PMC4479285. Online article | Free PMC article

Karginov, A.V. and Hahn, K.M. Allosteric activation of kinases: design and application of RapR kinases. Curr. Protoc. Cell Biol., 53: 14.13.1 – 14.13.16, 2011. PMC3269071. Online article | Free PMC article

Wu, Y.I., Wang, X., He, L., Montell, D. and Hahn, K.M. Spatiotemporal control of small GTPases with light using the LOV domain. Methods Enzymol., 497: 393-407, 2011.  PMC3407667. Online article | Free PMC article

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