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methods articles: biosensors

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Taylor, A.B., Joannou, M.S., Watanabe, T., Hahn, K., Chew, T.L. Perceptually accurate display of two greyscale images as a single colour image. J. Microsc., 268(1): 73-83, 2017. PMC5637524. Online article | Free PMC article

Slattery, S.D. and Hahn, K.M. A high content assay for biosensor validation and for examining stimuli that affect biosensor activity. Current Protocols in Cell Biology, 2014, 65:14.15.1–14.15.31. PMC4324324. Online article | Free PMC article

Tsygankov, D., Bilancia, C.G., Vitriol, E.A., Hahn, K.M., Peifer, M. and Elston, T.C. CellGeo: A computational platform for the analysis of shape changes in cells with complex geometries. J. Cell Biol., 204(3): 443-460, 2014. PMC3912527. Online article | Free PMC article

Hodgson, L., Shen, F., and Hahn, K. Biosensors for characterizing the dynamics of Rho family GTPases in living cells. Curr. Protoc. Cell Biol., 46: 14.11.1 – 14.11.26, 2010.  PMC2998069. Online article | Free PMC article

Hodgson, L., Pertz, O., and Hahn, K.M. Design and Optimization of genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors: GTPase biosensors. Methods Cell Biol., 85:63-81, 2008. Online article | PDF
*Note: this older methods article contains a useful description of biosensor image analysis.

Hodgson, L. Nalbant, P. Shen, F., and Hahn, K. Imaging and photobleach correction of Mero-CBD, sensor of endogenous Cdc42 activation. Methods Enzymol., 406:140-156, 2006. Online article | PDF
*Note: this article is focused on dye-based biosensors, but includes a method to correct for bleaching of any fluorophore.

Chamberlain, C.E., Kraynov, V. and Hahn, K.M. Imaging spatiotemporal dynamics of Rac activation in vivo with FLARE. Methods Enzymol., 325: 389-400, 2000. Online article | PDF

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