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Liu, B., Stone, O.J., Pablo, M., Herron, C.J., Nogueira, A.T., Dagliyan, O., Grimm, J.B., Lavis, L.D., Elston, T.C., and Hahn, K.M. Biosensors based on peptide exposure show single molecule conformations in live cells. Cell, 184(22): 5670-5685, 2021. PMC8556369. Online article | Free PMC article available 10/28/22

Allen, R., Welch, C., Pankow, N., *Hahn, K.M., and *Elston, T.C. Stochastic methods for inferring states of cell migration. Frontiers in Physiology: Systems Biology, 11: 822, 2020.  PMC7365915  Online article | Free PMC article

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