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Herrington, K.A., Trinh, A.L., Dang, C., O'Shaughnessy, E., Hahn, K.M., Gratton, E., Digman, M.A. and Sütterlin, C. Spatial analysis of Cdc42 activity reveals a role for plasma membrane-associated Cdc42 in centrosome regulation. Mol. Biol. Cell, 28(15): 2135-2145, 2017. PMC5509425. Online article | Free PMC article

Woodham, E.F., Paul, N.R., Tyrrell, B., Spence, H.J., Swaminathan, K., Scribner, M.R., Giampazolias, E., Hedley, A., Clark, W., Kage, F., Marston, D.J., Hahn, K.M., Tait, S.W., Larue, L., Brakebusch, C.H., Insall, R.H. and Machesky, L.M. Coordination by Cdc42 of actin, contractility, and adhesion for melanoblast movement in mouse skin. Curr. Biol., 27(5): 624-637, 2017. PMC5344686. Online article | Free PMC article

*Hodgson, L., *Spiering, D., Sabouri-Ghomi, M., DerMardirossian, C., *Danuser, G., and *Hahn, K.M. FRET binding antenna reports spatioteGDI-Cdc42 GTPasmporal dynamics of e interactions. Nature Chem. Biol., 12(10): 802-9, 2016. PMC5030135. Online article | Free PMC article

MacNevin, C.J., Toutchkine, A., Marston, D.J., Hsu, C.W., Tsygankov, D., Li, L., Liu, B., Qi, T., Nguyen, D.V. and Hahn, K.M. Ratiometric imaging using a single dye enables simultaneous visualization of Rac1 and Cdc42 activation. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138(8): 2571-2575, 2016. PMC4825053. Online article | Free PMC article

Helassa, N., Garnett, J.P., Farrant, M., Khan, F., Pickup, J.C., Hahn, K.M., MacNevin, C.J., Tarran, R. and Baines, D.L. A novel fluorescent sensor protein for detecting changes in airway surface liquid glucose concentration. Biochem. J., 464(2): 213-220, 2014. PMC4357280. Online article | Free PMC article

Slattery, S.D. and Hahn, K.M. A high content assay for biosensor validation and for examining stimuli that affect biosensor activity.  Current Protocols in Cell Biology, 2014, 65:14.15.1–14.15.31. PMC4324324. Online article | Free PMC article

Hinde, E., Yokomori, K., Gaus, K., Hahn, K.M. and Gratton, E. Fluctuation-based imaging of nuclear Rac1 activation by protein oligomerisation. Scientific Reports, 4: 4219, 2014.  PMC3936235. Online article | Free PMC article

Khalil, B.D., Hanna, S., Saykali, B.A., El-Sitt, S., Nasrallah, A., Marston, D., El-Sabban, M., Hahn, K.M., Symons, M., and El-Sibai, M. The regulation of RhoA at focal adhesions by StarD13 is important for astrocytoma cell motility. Exp. Cell Res. 321(2):109-122, 2014. PMC4297755. Online article | Free PMC article

Zawistowski, J.S., Sabouri-Ghomi, M., Danuser, G., *Hahn, K.M., and *Hodgson, L. A. RhoC Biosensor Reveals Differences in the Activation Kinetics of RhoA and RhoC in Migrating Cells. PLoS One 8(11): e79877, 2013. PMC3818223. Online article | Free PMC article

Kummer, L., Hsu, C.W., Dagliyan, O., MacNevin, C., Kaufholz, M., Zimmermann, B., Dokholyan, N.V., Hahn, K.M., Plückthun, A.  Knowledge-Based Design of a Biosensor to Quantify Localized ERK Activation in Living Cells.  Chem. Biol. 20(6): 847-56, 2013. PMC415710. Online article | Free PMC article

Hinde, E., Digman, M.A., Hahn, K.M., and Gratton, E. Millisecond spatiotemporal dynamics of FRET biosensors by the pair correlation function and the phasor approach to FLIM. Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A. 110(1): 135-40, 2013. PMC3538204. Online article | Free PMC article

Vilela M, Halidi N, Besson S, Elliott H, Hahn K, Tytell J, Danuser G. Fluctuation analysis of activity biosensor images for the study of information flow in signaling pathways. Methods Enzymol.  519:253-76, 2013.  PMC4174660. Online article | Free PMC article

Collins, C., Guilluy, C., Welch, C., O’Brien, E.T., Hahn, K.M., Superfine, R., Burridge,K., and Tzima, E.  Localized tensional forces on PECAM-1 elicit a global mechanotransduction response via the integrin-RhoA pathway. Curr. Biol. 22(22): 2087-94, 2012. PMC3681294. Online article | Free PMC article

Hinde, E., Digman, M.A., Welch, C., Hahn, K.M., and Gratton, E. Biosensor FRET detection by the phasor approach to Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM). Microsc Res Tech 75(3): 271-81, 2012.  PMC3523109. Online article | Free PMC article

Jha, R.K., Wu, Y.I., Zawistowski, J., MacNevin, C., *Hahn, K.M. and *Kuhlman B. Redesign of the PAK1 auto-inhibitory domain for enhanced stability and affinity in biosensor applications. J. Mol. Biol., 413(2): 513-522, 2011. PMC3202338. Online article | Free PMC article

Gulyani, A., Vitriol, E., Allen, R., Wu, J., Gremyachinskiy, D., Lewis, S., Dewar, B., Graves, L.M., Kay, B.K., Kuhlman, B., Elston T., and Hahn, K.M.  A biosensor generated via high-throughput screening quantifies cell edge Src dynamics. Nature Chem. Biol., 7: 437-444, 2011.  PMC3135387. Online article. | Free PMC article

Shadpour, H., Zawistowski, J.S., Herman, A., Hahn, K.M., and Allbritton, N.L.  Patterning pallet arrays for cell selection based on high-resolution measurements of fluorescent biosensors. Analytica Chimica Acta, 696: 101-107, 2011. PMC3104244. Online article | Free PMC article

Koivusalo, M., Welch, C., Hayashi, H., Scott, C.C., Kim, M., Alexander, T., Touret, N., Hahn, K.M., and Grinstein, S. Amiloride inhibits macropinocytosis by lowering submembranous pH and preventing Rac1 and Cdc42 signalling.J. Cell Biol., 188: 547-563, 2010. PMC2828922. Online article | Free PMC article

Yoo, S.K., Deng, Q., Cavnar, P.J.,  Wu,Y.I.,  Hahn, K.M. and Huttenlocher, A. Differential regulation of protrusion and polarity by PI(3)K during neutrophil motility in live zebrafish Dev. Cell, 18: 226-236, 2010. PMC2824622. Online article | Free PMC article

Machacek, M., Hodson, L., Welch, C., Elliot, H., Pertz, O., Nalbant, P., Abell, A., Johnson, G., *Hahn, K.M. and *Danuser, G. Coordination of Rho GTPase activities during cell protrusion. Nature, 461:99-103, 2009. PMC2885353. Online article | Free PMC article

Su, L., Pertz, O., Mikawa, M., Hahn, K.M., and Parsons, S.J. p190RhoGAP negatively regulates Rho activity at the cleavage furrow of mitotic cells. Exper.Cell Res., 315: 1347-59, 2009. PMC2731427. Online article | Free PMC article

Manukyan, M., Nalbant, P., Hahn, K.M., and Knaus, U.G. RhoA GTPase activation by TLR ligands: connecting via Src to NF-kB. J. Immunol. 182(6):3522-3529, 2009. PMC2684960. Online article | Free PMC article

El-Sibai, M., Pertz, O., Pang, H., Yip, S.C., Lorenz, M., Symons, M., Condeelis, J.S., Hahn, K.M, and Backer, J.M. RhoA/ROCK-mediated switching between Cdc42- and Rac1-dependent protrusion in MTLn3 carcinoma cells. Exp. Cell Res. 314:1540-52, 2008. PMC2677995. Online article | Free PMC article

Garrett, S.C., Hodgson, L., Rybin, A., Toutchkine, A., Hahn, K.M., Lawrence, D.S., and Bresnick, A.R. A Biosensor of S100A4 Metastasis Factor Activation: Inhibitor screening and Cellular Activation Dynamics. Biochemistry, 47:986-996, 2008. PMC3227476. Online article | Free PMC article

Hodgson, L., Pertz, O., and Hahn, K.M. Design and Optimization of genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors: GTPase biosensors. Methods Cell Biol, 85:63-81, 2008. Online article | PDF

Cai, X., Lietha, D. Ceccarelli, D.F., Karginov, A.V., Rajfur, Z., Jacobson, K., Hahn, K.M., Eck, M.J., and Schaller, M.D. Spatial and temporal regulation of focal adhesion kinase activity in living cells. Mol. Cell Biol. 28:201-14, 2008. PMC2223290. Online article | Free PMC article

Toutchkine, A., Han, W.G., Ullmann, M., Liu, T., Bashford, D., Noodleman, L. and Hahn, K.M. Experimental and DFT studies: Novel structural modifications greatly enhance the solvent sensitivity of live cell imaging dyes. J. Phys. Chem. A, 111: 10849-10860, 2007. PMC3742023. Online article | Free PMC article

Frantz, C.,  Karydis, A., Nalbant, P., Hahn, K. M., and Barber, D. L.  Positive feedback between Cdc42 activity and H+ efflux by the Na-H exchanger NHE1 for polarity of migrating cells.  J. Cell Biol. 179: 403-410, 2007. PMC2064788. Online article | Free PMC article

El-Sibai, M., Nalbant, P., Sarmiento, C., Macaluso, F., Cammer, M, Condeelis, J.S., Hahn, K.M. and Backer, J.M. Cdc42 is Required for EGF-Stimulated Protrusion and Motility in Carcinoma Cells. J. Cell Science, 120(Pt 19):3465-74, 2007. PMC4066376. Online article | Free PMC article

Hodgson, L., Chan, E.W.L., Hahn, K.M., and Yousaf, M.N. Combining Surface Chemistry with a FRET-Based Biosensor to Study the Dynamics of RhoA GTPase Activation in Cells on Patterned Substrates. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129:9264 - 9265, 2007. Online article | PDF

Toutchkine, A., Nguyen, D.V. and Hahn, K.M. Merocyanine dyes with improved photostability. Org. Lett. 9: 2775-2777, 2007. Online article | PDF

Birkenfeld, J., Nalbant, P., Bohl, B.P., Pertz, O.P., Hahn, K.M., and Bokoch, G.M. GEF-H1 modulates localized RhoA activation during cytokinesis under the control of mitotic kinases. Developmental Cell. 12:699-712, 2007. PMC1965589. Online article | Free PMC article

Van Keymeulen, A., Wong, K., Knight, Z.A., Govaerts, C., Hahn, K.M., Shokat, K.M., and Bourne, H.R. To stabilize neutrophil polarity, PIP3 and Cdc42 augment RhoA activity at the back as well as signals at the front. J. Cell Biol., 174:437-445, 2006. PMC2064239. Online article | Free PMC article

Hodgson, L. Nalbant, P. Shen, F., and Hahn, K. Imaging and photobleach correction of Mero-CBD, sensor of endogenous Cdc42 activation.Methods Enzymol., 406:140-156, 2006. Online article | PDF

Nakamura, K., Uhilk, M.T., Johnson, N.L., Hahn, K.M., and Johnson, G.L. PB1 domain-dependent signaling complex is required for extracellular signal-regulated kinase 5 activation. Mol. Cell Biol., 26:2065-2079, 2006. PMC1430298. Online article | Free PMC article

Wong, K., Pertz, O., Hahn, K., and Bourne, H. Neutrophil polarization: spatiotemporal dynamics of RhoA activity support a self-organizing mechanism. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 103:3639-44, 2006. PMC1450135. Online article | Free PMC article

Pertz, O., L. Hodgson, R. R. Klemke, and K.M. Hahn. Spatio-temporal dynamics of RhoA activity in migrating cells. Nature,  440(7087):1069-1072, 2006. Online article | PDF

Nalbant, P., L. Hodgson, V. Kraynov, A. Toutchkine, K.M. Hahn. Activation of Endogenous Cdc42 Visualized in Living Cells. Science, 305:1615-1619, 2004. Online article | PDF

Tan, X., Nalbant, P., Toutchkine, A., Hu, D., Vorpagel, E.R., Hahn, K.M. and Lu, H.P. Single molecule study of protein-protein interaction dynamics in a cell signaling system. J. Phys. Chem. B, 108: 737-744, 2004. [Link downloads PDF]

Toutchkine, A., Kraynov, V. and Hahn, K.M. Solvent-sensitive dyes to report protein conformational changes in living cells. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125: 4132-4145, 2003. Online article | PDF

Gardiner, E.M., Pestonjamasp, N., Bohl, B.P., Chamberlain, C., Hahn, K.M. and Bokoch, G.M. Spatial and temporal analysis of Rac activation during live neutrophil chemotaxis:  Roles in leading edge extension and tail retraction. Curr. Biol., 12: 2029-2034, 2002. Online article | PDF

Katsumi, A., J. Milanini, W.B. Kiosses, M.A.del Pozo, R. Kaunas, S. Chien, K.M. Hahn, and M.A. Schwartz. Effects of cell tension on membrane protrusion through regulation of the GTPase Rac. J. Cell Biol., 158:1-13, 2002. PMC2173027. Online article | Free PMC article

Del Pozo, M.A., W.B. Kiosses, N.B. Alderson, N. Meller, K.M. Hahn, and A. Schwartz. Integrin-regulated membrane translocation of GTP-Rac induces localized interaction with effectors due to dissociation of RhoGDI. Nature Cell Biology, 4: 232-239, 2002. Online article | PDF

Weiss, T. S., C. E. Chamberlain, T. Takeda, P. Lin, K. M Hahn and M. G. Farquhar. Live-Cell fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) shows Interaction between Gai3 on golgi membranes and the cytosolic pool of calnuc. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA. 98:14961-14966, 2001. PMC64966. Online article | Free PMC article

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Chamberlain, C. E., and Hahn, K.M. Watching proteins in the wild – fluorescence methods to study protein dynamics in living cells. Traffic,1: 755-762, 2000. Online article | PDF

Bark, S.J. and Hahn, K.M. Fluorescent indicators of peptide cleavage inside living cells. Methods, 20: 429-435, 2000. Online article | PDF

Hahn, K.M., P.A. Conrad, J. Chao, D.L. Taylor and A.S. Waggoner.  A photocrosslinking, fluorescent indicator of mitochondrial membrane potential.  J. Histochem. Cytochem., 41: 631-634, 1993. Online article | PDF

Hahn, K.M., R. DeBiasio and D.L. Taylor.  Patterns of elevated free calcium and calmodulin activation in living cells. Nature, 359:736-738, 1992. Online article | PDF

Hahn, K.M., A.S. Waggoner and D.L. Taylor.  A calcium-sensitive fluorescent analog of calmodulin based on a novel calmodulin- binding fluorophore.  J. Biol. Chem., 265: 20335-20345, 1990. Online article | PDF

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