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Photocontrol of Rac1, Cdc42 and dominant negative Rac1
(PA-Rac1, PA-Cdc42, dominant negative PA-Rac1)

Protein analogs activated by light. Note that we had to place a point mutation in the effector binding region of Cdc42.


Methods Article


Example Applications

Photocontrol of endogenous PKA and MLCK

Light controlled peptides that inhibit endogenous protein activity.

Photocontrol of Diaphonous-related formins

A 'caged' DAD domain of hDia1 is used to activate endogenous Diaphanous-related formins.

Photocontrol of dimerization, and of a peptide that potentially inhibits vinculin-talin interaction and activates vinculin

(LOV-ipaA, LOV-SsrA)

'Caged' versions of the ipaA and SsrA peptides bind their targets with enhanced affinity in the light. These switches were used for photo-activatable gene transcription in yeast. Limited attempts to alter adhesion dynamics using caged LOV-ipaA in mammalian cells were unsuccessful.

Photocontrol of nuclear translocation

Control the exposure of nuclear localization and nuclear export sequences, thus regulating nuclear localization with light.


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