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Dagliyan, O., Tarnawski, M., Chu, P-H., Shirvanyants, D., Schlichting, I., Dokholyan, N.V., and Hahn, K.M. Engineering extrinsic disorder to control protein activity in living cells.  Science, 354(6318): 1441-1444, 2016.

Nguyen, T.T., Park, W.S., Park, B.O., Kim, C.Y., Oh, Y., Kim, J.M., Choi, H., Kyung, T., Kim, C.H., Lee, G., Hahn, K.M., Meyer, T., and Heo, W.D. PLEKHG3 enhances polarized cell migration by activating actin filaments at the cell front. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 113(36): 10091-6, 2016. PMC5018766.

Wang, W., Vilela, M., Winkler, A., Tarnawski, T.,  Schlichting, I., Yumerefendi, H., Kuhlman, B., Liu, R., Danuser, G., and Hahn, K.M. LOVTRAP, An Optogenetic System for Photo-induced Protein Dissociation. Nature Methods, Nature Methods, 13(9): 755-8, 2016.

Yumerefendi, H., Lerner, A.M., Zimmerman, S.P., Hahn, K.M., Bear, J.E., Strahl, B.D., and Kuhlman, B. Light-induced nuclear export reveals rapid dynamics of epigenetic modifications. Nature Chem. Biol., 12(6):399-401, 2016. PMC4888063

Hayashi-Takagi, A., Yagishita, S., Nakamura, M., Shirai, F., Wu, Y.I., Loshbaugh, A.L., Kuhlman, B., Hahn, K.M., and Kasai, H. Labelling and optical erasure of synaptic memory traces in the motor cortex. Nature, 525(7569): 333-8, 2015. PMC4634641.

Yumerefendi, H., Dickinson, D.J., Wang, H., Zimmerman, S., Bear, J.E.,  Goldstein, B., Hahn. K.M.* and Kuhlman, B.* Control of protein activity and cell fate specification via light-mediated nuclear translocation. PLoS One, 10(6): e0128443, 2015.PMC4471001

Weitzman, M. and Hahn, K.M.  Optogenetic approaches to cell migration and beyond.  Curr. Opin. Cell Biol. 2014, 30C:112-120, 2014. PMC4215803

Karginov, A.V., Hahn, K.M., and Deiters, A. Optochemical activation of kinase function in live cells. Methods Mol. Biol.: Photoswitching Proteins 1148:31-43, 2014. PMC4479285

Yi, J.J., Wang, H., Vilela, M., Danuser, G., and Hahn, K.M. Manipulation of endogenous kinase activity in living cells using photoswitchable inhibitory peptides. ACS Synth Biol., 3(11):788-95, 2014. PMC4277778

Moffat, K., Zhang, F., Hahn, K.M., and Möglich, A. The biophysics and engineering of signaling photoreceptors, in Optogenetics,Peter Hegemann and Stephan Sigrist,editors, De Gruyter, Berlin; 2013. Chp. 1, pp. 7-22. 

Rao, M.V., Chu, P.H., Hahn, K.M., Zaidel-Bar, R.  An optogenetic tool for the activation of endogenous diaphanous-related formins induces thickening of stress fibers without an increase in contractility. Cytoskeleton. 70(7): 394-407, 2013. PMC4064713.

Galic, M., Jeong, S., Tsai, F-C., Joubert, L-M.,  Wu, Y.I., Hahn, K.M., Cui, Y., and Meyer, T. External push and internal pull forces recruit curvature-sensing N-BAR domain proteins to the plasma membrane. Nature Cell Biol., 14(8): 874-81, 2012.  PMC3519285

Dietz, D.M., Sun H., Lobo M.K., Cahill M.E., Chadwick B., Gao V., Koo J.W., Mazei-Robison M.S., Dias C., Maze I., Damez-Werno D., Dietz K.C., Scobie K.N., Ferguson D., Christoffel D., Ohnishi Y., Hodes G.E., Zheng Y., Neve R.L., Hahn K.M., Russo S.J., Nestler E.J. Rac1 is essential in cocaine-induced structural plasticity of nucleus accumbens neurons. Nature Neuroscience, 15(6): 891-896, 2012.  PMC3565539

Lungu, O.I., Hallett R.A., Choi E.J., Aiken M.J., Hahn K.M.*, Kuhlman B.* Designing Photoswitchable Peptides Using the AsLOV2 Domain. Chemistry and Biology, 19(4): 507-17, 2012. PMC334866

Wu, Y.I., Wang, X., He, L., Montell, D.,  and Hahn, K.M. Spatiotemporal Control of Small GTPases with Light Using the LOV Domain. Meth. Enzym., 497: 393-407, 2011.  PMC3407667

Hahn, K.M. and Kuhlman, B. Hold me tightly LOV. Nature Methods: News & Views, 7: 595-596, 2010.

Wang, X. He, L., Wu, Y., Hahn, K. M., and Montell, D. Light-mediated activation reveals a key role for Rac in collective guidance of cell movement in vivo. Nat. Cell Biol., 12(6): 591-7, 2010.  PMC2929827

Yoo, S.K., Deng, Q.,  Cavnar, P. J.,  Wu,Y.I.,  Hahn, K.M., Huttenlocher, A. Differential Regulation of Protrusion and Polarity by PI(3)K during Neutrophil Motility in Live Zebrafish.  Developmental Cell, 18: 226-236, 2010. PMC2824622

Wu, Y, Frey, D., Lungu, O. I., Jaehrig, A., Schlichting, I., Kuhlman, B. and Hahn, K.M. Genetically-encoded photoactivatable Rac reveals spatiotemporal coordination of Rac and Rho during cell motility. Nature, 461: 104-110, 2009. PMC2766670

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