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Slattery, S.D. and Hahn, K.M. A high content assay for biosensor validation and for examining stimuli that affect biosensor activity.  Current Protocols in Cell Biology, 2014, 65: 14.15.1–14.15.31. PMC4324324

Chu, P-H., Tsygankov, D., Berginski, M.E., Dagliyan, O., Gomez, S.M., Elston, T.C., Karginov, A.V., and Hahn, K.M. Engineered kinase activation reveals unique morphodynamic phenotypes and associated trafficking for Src family isoforms. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111(34):12420–12425, 2014. PMC4151743

Tsygankov, D., Chu, P-H., Chen, H., Elston, T.C. and Hahn, K.M.  User-friendly tools for quantifying the dynamics of cellular morphology and intracellular protein clusters. Methods in Cell Biol., 123:409-427, 2014. PMC4504218

Hinde, E., Yokomori, K, Gaus, K., Hahn, K.M., Gratton, E. Fluctuation-based imaging of nuclear Rac1 activation by protein oligomerisation. Scientific Reports 4:4219, 2014.  PMC3936235

Tsygankov, D., Bilancia, C.G., Vitriol, E.A., Hahn, K.M., Peifer, M. and Elston, T.C. CellGeo: A computational platform for the analysis of shape changes in cells with complex geometries. J. Cell Biol. 204(3): 443-460, 2014. PMC3912527

Allen, R. J., Tsygankov, D., Zawistowski, J. S., Elston, T. C.,  and Hahn, K. M. Automated line scan analysis to quantify biosensor activity at the cell edge. Methods 66(2014): 162–167, 2014. PMC4296898

Hinde, E., Digman, M.A., Hahn, K.M., and Gratton, E. Millisecond spatiotemporal dynamics of FRET biosensors by the pair correlation function and the phasor approach to FLIM. Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A. 110(1): 135-40, 2013. PMC3538204

Vilela M, Halidi N, Besson S, Elliott H, Hahn K, Tytell J, Danuser G. Fluctuation analysis of activity biosensor images for the study of information flow in signaling pathways. Methods Enzymol.  519:253-76, 2013.  PMC4174660

Hinde, E., Digman, M.A., Welch, C., Hahn, K.M., and Gratton, E. Biosensor FRET detection by the phasor approach to Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM). Microsc Res Tech 75(3): 271-81, 2012.  PMC3523109

Shadpour, H., Zawistowski, J.S., Herman, A., Hahn, K.M., and Allbritton, N.L.  Patterning pallet arrays for cell selection based on high-resolution measurements of fluorescent biosensors. Analytica Chimica Acta, 696: 101-107, 2011. PMC3104244

Berginski, M.E., Vitriol, E.A., Hahn, K.M.*, and Gomez, S.M.*  High-Resolution Quantification of Focal Adhesion Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Living Cells. PLoS ONE, 6: e22025, 2011. PMC3136503

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Subauste, C., B. List, X. Guan, K.M. Hahn, R. Lerner and N.B. Gilula. A catalytic antibody produces fluorescent tracers of gap junction communication in living cells. J. Biol. Chem. 276:49164-49168, 2001.

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