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engineering allosteric responses to control proteins in living cells

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Dagliyan, O., Krokhotin, A., Ozkan-Dagliyan, I., Deiters, A., Der, C.J., Hahn, K.M. and Dokholyan, N.V. Computational design of chemogenetic and optogenetic split proteins. Nature Communications, 9: 1-8, 2018. Doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06531-4. online article | Free PMC article

Takano, T., Wu, M., Nakamuta, S., Naoki, H., Ishizawa, N., Namba, T., Watanabe, T., Xu, C., Hamaguchi, T., Yura, Y., Amano, M., Hahn, K.M. and Kaibuchi, K. Discovery of long-range inhibitory signaling to ensure 0.3 single axon formation. Nature Communications, 8(1):33, 2017. PMC5484694. Online article | Free PMC article

Dagliyan, O., Karginov, A.V., Yagishita, S., Gale, M.E., Wang, H., DerMardirossian, C., Wells, C.M., Dokholyan, N.V., Kasai, H. and Hahn, K.M. Engineering Pak1 Allosteric Switches. ACS Synth. Biol., 6 (7): 1257–1262, 2017. PMC5562282. Online article | Free PMC article

Dagliyan, O., Tarnawski, M., Chu, P-H., Shirvanyants, D., Schlichting, I., *Dokholyan, N.V., and *Hahn, K.M. Engineering extrinsic disorder to control protein activity in living cells.  Science, 354(6318): 1441-1444, 2016. PMC5362825. View free in Science online: Full text & PDF | Free PMC article

Gentry, L.R., Karginov, A.V., Hahn, K.M. and Der, C.J. Characterization of an engineered Src kinase to study Src signaling and biology. Methods Mol. Biol., 1360: 157-167, 2016. PMC4621786. Online article | Free PMC article

Chu, P-H., Tsygankov, D., Berginski, M.E., Dagliyan, O., Gomez, S.M., Elston, T.C., Karginov, A.V. and Hahn, K.M. Engineered kinase activation reveals unique morphodynamic phenotypes and associated trafficking for Src family isoforms. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.,111(34): 12420–12425, 2014. PMC4151743. Online article | Free PMC article

Karginov, A., Tsygankov, D., Berginski, M., Chu, P-H., Trudeau, E., Yi, J.J., Gomez, Shawn, Elston, T.C. and Hahn, K.M. Dissecting motility signaling through activation of specific Src-effector complexes. Nature Chem. Bio., 10(4):286-90, 2014.  PMC4064790. Online article | Free PMC article

Dagliyan, O., Shirvanyants, D., Karginov, A.V., Ding, F., Fee, L., Chandrasekaran, S.N., Freisinger, C.M., Smolen, G.A., Huttenlocher, A., *Hahn, K.M., *Dokholyan, N.V. Rational design of a ligand-controlled protein conformational switch. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 110(17):6800-4, 2013. PMC3637791. Online article | Free PMC article

Karginov, A.V. and Hahn, K.M. Allosteric activation of kinases: design and application of RapR kinases. Curr. Protoc. Cell Biol., 53: 14.13.1 – 14.13.16, 2011. PMC3269071. Online article | Free PMC article

Karginov, A.V., Zou, Y., Shirvanyants, D., Kota, P., Dokholyan, N.V., Young, D.D., *Hahn, K.M.  and *Deiters, A. Light regulation of protein dimerization and kinase activity in living cells using photocaged rapamycin and engineered FKBP. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 133: 420-423, 2011. PMC3133816. Online article | Free PMC article

Karginov, A.V., Ding, F., Kota, P., Dokholyan, N.V., and Hahn, K.M. Engineered allosteric activation of kinases in living cells. Nature Biotech, July; 28(7):743-7, 2010. PMC2902629. Online article | Free PMC article

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